MyWebFTP is a little tool used to manage files on website.
You can do anything just like in a ftp client : upload / download files and directories. ( short files for upload ! )
It can be set on any PHP server, MySQL is used for advanced and security functions.


- Replaces an heavy software FTP client. No installation required to use it.
- Download files
- Upload files
- Create directories.
- Recursive directory delete

- backup uploaded files
- Keep versions history
- Restore previous versions

- Create guest / user accounts
- Manage their rights : read, write, delete, create.
- Tell what files / directories each can access.
- Trace activity
- Choose the level / disk size of backuping

The greatest thing about it : can work anywhere you have a simple internet access, behing any proxy or firewall as it uses only the HTTP protocol. ( That's why I've made this tool, at work I can't go out to internet unless on port 80/HTTP)

In it's final release, this tool will be more than a simple FTP alike client, it will allow you to manage shared spaces on the internet, for work or with friends, PLUS with some CVS-style functions, and security parameters to allow eveyone to work and share safelly.